Ageism is a significant issue faced by tenured professionals who want to continue working beyond their 60s but struggle to find suitable job opportunities due to biases and misconceptions about their capabilities. Companies, however, frequently have project or short-term needs that could benefit from the experience and expertise of older, highly experienced consultants and subject matter experts (SMEs).

We need to bridge the gap by creating a user-friendly web-based talent and experience connection platform which connects experienced consultants seeking employment or contract opportunities and companies looking for project support. The focus would be on industries such as consulting, advisory services, project management and specialized knowledge domains that require (and value) experience.

Such a robust talent and experience connection platform would provide these benefits: Access to a ready pool of professionals, expertise matching, flexible work arrangements, verification on both ends and reduced recruiting costs. Revenue streams could include commission or transaction fees, subscriptions, advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Marketing would be key, but we all know that there is ready, willing and highly invested prospect pool (aka older professionals) who would pounce on such an opportunity. Ditto on companies with short-term higher-level project needs that aren’t suitable for offshoring on e.g. Upwork or Fiverr. So what are we waiting for?

Lori Martinek