Addictive achievement. It’s fueled by the buzz that comes from getting to a goal, receiving recognition or setting an impressive new standard and it’s something that many of us suffer from.

The socially acceptable term for it is purpose, which is a huge part of our identity throughout our careers. Purpose is the spark that keeps us active, energized, motivated and healthy. Our need for it does not change even as we age, although the focus of our energies often does.

Retirement, re-careering, re-focusing — all of it is disruptive. Shift can help us transition, as this Forbes essay points out. Making the move from leading to mentoring, from providing answers to helping others find their own solutions – these are ways that we can use decades of life and work experience to help tomorrow’s entrepreneurs get a stronger start while experiencing the satisfaction of helping them achieve their goals.

Mentoring will make a big difference in your life, regardless of where you are in your career today. Don’t wait. Find a worthy new goal and start going for it at SCORE Mentors.

Lori Martinek