Released today, the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2023, assesses the impact of macro trends and technological change on jobs and skills over the next five years. (Spoiler alert: Nearly a quarter of all jobs will change, producing a net decrease of 14 million jobs or 2% of current employment.)

The report couldn’t come at a better time as AI invades the workplace and the future of working keeps shifting. The highlights? Nearly half (44%) of an individual’s skills will need to change across all jobs. Yes, nearly half. In demand skills include analytical and creative thinking (seeming opposites), technological literacy, flexibility and, of course, being conversant with AI and big data.

Today’s workforce will need to relearn and reskill; tomorrow’s must prepare differently. The good news, according to WEF, is that reskilling can happen quickly. Even better: Online learning can help level the playing field by making skill acquisition accessible to workers of all ages from all economic and education levels.

The best bet for workers, employers and entrepreneurs? Develop a learning, training and skill development strategy NOW. The future is already here.

You can read the full report here.

Lori Martinek